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Lots of traffic on Berlin roads around Ascension Day and Pentecost

Verkehr in Berlin

On the weekend after Ascension Day and on the Pentecost weekend, significantly more traffic can be expected in Berlin and the surrounding area.

Many Berliners took the opportunity for a short vacation and excursions, the Traffic Information Center (VIZ) Berlin explained. Thus, is likely to become significantly more crowded on Berlin roads, especially on the city highways and arterial roads. The traffic is likely to increase on Wednesday afternoon (May 25, 2022), when at the same time working people are on their way home. This also applies to the Friday (June 03, 2022) before Pentecost. The experts at the Traffic Information Center recommend leaving for vacation or excursions as early as Wednesday evening or Thursday morning, as well as on Whitsun Saturday morning.

Use the 9 Euro Ticket for excursions

The VIZ points out that the 9 Euro Ticket can also be used for excursions by public transport on the Pentecost weekend. Many Berliners will probably make use of it. It therefore makes sense to find out in advance about the offers of the transport companies.

Delays expected on the A114, B2 and B96

Delays on the Berlin roads in the direction of the Berliner Ring (A10) are to be expected, especially on the A114 northbound, on which only one lane is available in both directions due to construction work. The same applies to Berliner Allee (B2) between Lindenallee and Rennbahnstraße. On Mariendorfer Damm (B96), too, only one lane is available between Stubenrauchbrücke and Westphalweg due to several construction sites.

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Publication date: 25 May 2022
Last updated: 25 May 2022

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