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Senate debates further easing of restrictions and Ukraine refugees

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On Tuesday, the Berlin Senate will discuss the reception of war refugees from Ukraine and plans of how to care for them.

Senator for Social Services and Integration, Katja Kipping (Left Party), had already announced after Russia's attack on its neighboring country last week that a "separate arrival structure" for these people would be created. These include the opening of a shelter as well as health care, school and daycare places. The Senate now wants to come to concrete decisions on these points. Ukrainian refugees have been arriving in Berlin since last Friday. So far, they have initially been accommodated in the arrival center in Reinickendorf if they were unable to find accommodation elsewhere, for example with relatives or acquaintances.

Easing of Coronavirus restrictions from Friday

Another important topic for the Senate discussions is the further relaxation of the Coronavirus safety measures. A decision allowing unvaccinated people access to hotels, pubs and restaurants again is expection. In these places, the 3G regulation is expected to apply from Friday (March 4, 2022), which allows access for vaccinated and recovered people as well as those with a same-day negative Coronavirus test. Clubs will be allowed to reopen under 2G-plus conditions: clubgoers will need to be vaccinated or recovered and will have to provide an additional negative test. This also applies to people who already received their booster vaccination.

Limit for maximum number of attendees at events to be increased

The Senate is also expected to decide that more spectators will be able to attend events again. Stadiums could then be filled to a maximum of 75 percent capacity from Friday, with a maximum of 25,000 people. Indoor venues will be allowed to operate at 60 percent capacity, with a maximum of 6,000 attendees. Access will still be limited to vaccinated and recovered persons (2G).

Senate discusses double budget again

Finally, the Senate will once again discuss the draft for the 2022/2023 double budget. After an initial agreement over key figures a week ago, the budget plan is now to be approved. Then, the draft will go to the House of Representatives, where the the double budget could be adopted after extensive deliberation in June.

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Publication date: 1 March 2022
Last updated: 1 March 2022

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