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Stormy weekend: Warning of squalls

Sturm in Berlin (3)

People in Berlin and Brandenburg have to be prepared for a stormy weekend.

Gale-force winds and squalls in the night to Sunday

Starting at noon on Saturday (Jan. 29, 2022), there will initially be widespread gusts of wind, followed by increased gale-force gusts in the afternoon and evening, and even isolated hurricane-force gusts in the Uckermark region. In the night to Sunday, a further increase in wind in the form of severe squalls is to be expected, warned the German Weather Service (DWD). In addition, overcast skies with isolated rain showers are expected. Temperatures will rise to between eight and ten degrees.

Wind only decreases in the course of Sunday

The DWD warns of possible branch breakage and falling objects. In the night to Sunday, it will remain cloudy with sporadic rain and sleet showers. According to the forecast, temperatures will be around four degrees. In the course of the day it will continue to be stormy, only in the afternoon the wind is expected to decrease significantly.

Winterwetter in Berlin

8-Day Forecast

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Publication date: 29 January 2022
Last updated: 29 January 2022

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