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From Monday: BVG adjusts subway schedule

Coronavirus - Berlin

From Monday (Jan. 24, 2022) onwards, Berlin subway passengers will have to wait a little longer for trains.

Around 5 percent of journeys are eliminated

In addition to the bus service, Berlin's public transport authority (BVG) is also cutting back on subway service. The reason for the cutback are an increasing number of sick and quarantined staff in the current Coronavirus wave. A total of 4.8 percent of the usual trips will be cancelled, the company announced on Thursday (20 January 2022). Wherever possible, larger trains will be used. "The entire network will continue to be reliably served."

Longer intervals on several lines

On the subway lines U2, U5, U6 and U9, trains during the day will run in five-minute interval from Monday onwards; at present, the intervals are somewhat shorter during rush hours. The BVG assures passengers that, from Monday, they will wait no more than one minute longer. The U2 and the U8 only run every ten minutes on their sections in Spandau and Reinickendorf, and the U4 will also run in ten-minute intervals. Also from Monday, the tram lines M5 and M6 will run every ten minutes during the day.

BVG already limited bus services

"Berlin can rely on the BVG," said operations manager Rolf Erfurt. Accordingly, the schedule adjustments are intended to ensure that buses and trains will continue to run reliably in the coming weeks. Bus services have already been thinned out somewhat since Wednesday. From Monday, 21 of the around 150 lines will be affected, especially on routes served by several lines. "All sections and stops in the Berlin bus network will continue to be served," the BVG said. Metrobus lines will run at least once every ten minutes.

Publication date: 1 December 2023
Last updated: 20 January 2022

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