The Swiss start-up Enuu is renting out e-cab scooters in Berlin.

Neues Elektroauto auf Schweizer Straßen

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Since the summer of 2021, a new type of e-scooter has been available for rent in Berlin on a sharing basis. The e-scooters of the Swiss brand Enuu not only have four wheels, but also a cabin. A driving licence class M is required for use.

Registration and terms of use

To use an e-cab scooter, it is first necessary to download the provider's free app. The registration data and means of payment are stored in the app. Proof of possession of a driving licence of at least class M (moped) must also be provided. The provider's vehicles have so far been offered mainly in Mitte, Kreuzberg and Neukölln and may only be driven by one person. The e-cab scooters travel about 28 kilometres per hour and may only be driven and parked on the street. The range with a full battery is about 40 kilometres.

Lending, price and return

In the provider's app, available vehicles can be seen on a map. A reservation of a cabin scooter is possible for a maximum of 15 minutes. Unlocking also works via the app. As soon as the door of the vehicle opens, the ride begins. The price is 19 cents per minute. The maximum daily rate is 50 euros. The Enuu scooters must be parked on the street after the ride has ended. The ride is ended via the app after leaving the scooter.
Teilzeit-Auto kommt in Mode
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Getting Around

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Last edited: 21. July 2021