Zip through Berlin on one of Emmy's red scooters, which are available for rent all over the city center.

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Emmy's red electric scooters are easy to spot in Berlin's urban area. In total, the company currently has around 3000 scooters in operation in three cities.


Before renting a scooter, you first need to register with your ID and driver's licence via the Emmy app. After verification of your information, the scooters can be rented. Emmy users must be at least 18 years old.

Rental Process and Pricing

The Emmy app displays all available scooters in the vicinity. Once you have found a scooter, you can reserve it free of charge for 15 minutes with just one click in the app. Another click opens the scooter's storage box, which offers two helmets in different sizes. Once you have unlocked your scooter, the rental begins. The scooters' batteries are charged by the company If your battery runs out before the destination is reached, you can drive to another available scooter and exchange the vehicles.


To end the loan, the scooter's lock is activated via app and the helmet box is locked again. The scooters can be parked on the side of the road within the business area. Parked scooters must not obstruct other traffic participants.

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