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Share Now

Share Now offers different types of cars that can be rented by the minute, hour or day.

Share Now is a car sharing joint venture between car2go and DriveNow and offers over 2300 different rental cars for hire in Berlin.

Vehicle Types and Equipment

In Berlin, Share Now offers various types of vehicles ranging from the Fiat 500 to the BMW X2 and the BMW 2 Series Convertible. Electric cars are also part of the fleet. Vans are not among the rental cars. The entire range can be viewed on the Share Now website.


Anyone who wants to use a Share Now car must be at least 18 years old and have a driver's license that is valid for at least another year. To rent a Share Now car, users must first register in the provider's app and then upload their driver's license and a selfie to be validated. Once validation is complete, cars can be reserved and rented via the app.

Rental Process and Pricing

Once a suitable car has been located via the app, it can be reserved for 20 minutes free of charge. Share Now cars can be driven inside the Berlin business area or be used for trips to other cities. Trips abroad to certain countries are also possible. However, ending the trip is only possible within the business area. Depending on how long a car is to be booked, different costs and conditions apply. Share Now offers price rates by the minute, hour or day. Refueling or charging is included in the price.

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