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Share Now offers different types of cars for rent with its car sharing service in Berlin.

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Share Now is a car sharing joint venture between car2go and DriveNow and offers over 2300 different rental cars for hire in Berlin.

Registration and booking

Anyone who wants to use a Share Now car must be at least 18 years old and of course have a driving licence. This must also be valid for at least one year. In order to rent the cars, users must register via the provider's app and then upload their driving licence and a selfie. Once validation is complete, cars can be reserved and rented. The cars are available at all stations and can be booked by minute, hour or day. Cars in the vicinity can be found and reserved via the app. A reservation for the first 20 minutes is free of charge, after that a fee applies.

Vehicle types, equipment and business area

In Berlin, Share Now offers various types of vehicles - from the Fiat 500 to the BMW X2 and the BMW 2 Series Convertible. The entire offer can be viewed on the homepage. The business area mainly includes the city centre of Berlin, but also some outlying districts. The rental cars can be used anywhere, but the rental can only be terminated within the business area. For a fee, cars can also be parked in drop-off zones slightly outside the city centre.


Depending on how long a car is to be booked, different costs are incurred at different conditions. A minute, hourly and daily rate is offered. With the hourly rate, for example, 0.19 euros are charged for each kilometre driven. After the time or distance included in the tariff has elapsed, additional costs are incurred. Refuelling is included in the price.
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Last edited: 25. February 2021