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Miss You

With the open air exhibition «Miss You», photographers, actors, musicians and other artists want to draw attention to the importance of culture, social contacts and personal conversations. The message: We miss you!

For the exhibition, 18 photographers from the agency «Ostkreuz» portrayed the artists far away from their usual workplaces with an audience: at home, in the rehearsal room or in the studio. Among others, the artists Katharina Thalbach, Anne Imhof, Max Raabe, Lars Eidinger and some more will be on display. The photographs will be displayed in large backlit showcases in Berlin, Hamburg and Baden-Baden, bringing musicians, dancers, actors, painters and other artists a little closer to the people again.

Locations of the «Miss You» posters

The pictures of the «Miss You» exhibition are distributed throughout the entire city area. The works of the «Ostkreuz» photographers can be viewed at the following locations, among others:

  • Charlottenburg: Carolin Jüngst (Hardenbergstr. 11), Volker März (Toeplerstr. 27), Flake (Kurfürstendamm 21)
  • Friedrichshain: Stefanie Reinsperger (Landsberger Allee 77), Mila Teshaieva (Petersburger Str. 72), Volker März (Tunnelstr. 36)
  • Hellersdorf: Toni Krahl (Am Niederfeld 23), Cristina Gómez Godoy (Heinrich-Grüber-Str. 18), Anne Imhof (Riesaer Str. 104)
  • Hohenschönhausen: Erika Ratcliffe (Ahrensfelder Chaussee 76-78), Hajo Schüler & Michael Vogel (Dorfstr. 34), Katharina Thalbach (Falkenberger Chaussee 141)
  • Köpenick: Klaus Killisch (Alt-Schmöckwitz 1), Oxana Chi (Lindenstr. 1), Alexandra Kamp (Oberspreestr. 186)
  • Kreuzberg: Max Raabe (Köpenicker Str. 26-29), Mila Teshaieva (Reichenberger Str. 86), Javier & Fransisco Sanchez (Yorckstr. 22)
  • Lichtenberg: Tora Aghabayova (Am Tierpark 74-78), Ata Macias (Gensinger Str. 103), Thomas Struth (Hohenschönhauser Str. 29)
  • Marzahn: Johannes Kersthold (Havemannstr. 24), Children (Lea-Grundig-Str. 20), Lars Eidinger (Mehrower Allee-3)
  • Mitte: Ata Macias (Mollstr. 3), Thomas Struth (Karl-Marx-Allee 34), (Oxana Chi Inselstr. 5)
  • Neukölln: Anne Imhof (Kanalstr. 74), Lars Eidinger (Sonnenallee 191), Cristina Gómez Godoy (Waßmannsdorfer Chaussee 104)
People should look out for the display boards of the outdoor advertiser Walldecaux at the addresses listed here. These can be located outside and inside, as well as on middle islands between streets. All information is without guarantee.

At a glance

What: Miss You
When: 02 to 16 March 2021
Where: Throughout the entire city area
Admission: Free of charge

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