Summer of love: art, fashion, and rock and roll

Summer of love: art, fashion, and rock and roll

20 June - 28 October 2019

The "Summer of Love" in San Francisco in 1967 marked the climax of the American hippie movement. With over 150 exhibits, Palais Populaire commemorates the era.

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Rock 'n' roll, colourful batik clothing, protests against war, free love and of course psychedelic drugs joined forces in the 1960s to create a new attitude to life that found its way into the mainstream of society after the "Summer of Love". Today, a revival of values and ideas - non-violence, environmental protection, idealism and social justice - can be observed.

A New View on Historical Events

One of the aims of the exhibition is to open up a new perspective on the Summer of Love some fifty years later. The influence that the hippie movement continues to exert on art and society today is also evident in the diversity and abundance of the exhibited objects.

"Summer of love" shows a broad spectrum of exhibits

The show portrays the attitude to life of the hippie era by means of various exhibits: concert posters, fashion, photographs, record covers, light installations and more show everyday life and the excesses of time. The exhibition was conceived by the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco.

Palais Populaire

Unter den Linden 5
10117 Berlin
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Daily except Tuesday from 10:00 - 19:00, Thursday from 10:00 - 21:00
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9 euro, students 6 euro; free admission every Monday
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