Oh Yeah! Pop Music in Germany

Oh Yeah! Pop Music in Germany

15 March - 16 September 2018

The Museum für Kommunikation Berlin (Museum for Communication) presents a special multimedia exhibition on 90 years of pop music in Germany.

Starting with the pop music of the 1920s, the exhibition provides an overview of hits and catchy tunes from different times and ends with contemporary pop music trends. The songs are more than just sounds - music reflects the preferences of the respective society and shapes it. There are even different styles in the east and west of Germany.

A musical journey through the past

Visitors go on a journey through their own past and visit all music styles from swing to punk to NDW (New German Wave), techno and hip-hop. At different sound stations, visitors listen to various music titles and contributions via headphones. Besides the hits that are still known today, the exhibition also unearths forgotten and odd tunes of German pop music.

"Oh Yeah!" exhibition with sound lounge and backstage area

Focus of the exhibition is the Main Road, which illuminates the cultural background of the respective musical periods. There is also the Sound Lounge for listening to music and relaxing and the backstage area. Old posters, record and CD covers can be viewed here.

Museum für Kommunikation Berlin on the map

Leipziger Straße 16
10117 Berlin
Opening Hours
15 March - 16 September 2018
Tuesday 09:00 - 20:00, Wednesday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00, Saturday, Sunday and holidays 10:00 - 18:00
Admission Fee
5 Euro, reduced 3 Euro, free admission for children and teenagers up to and including 17 years

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