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Musical Season Opening at Britzer Garten

Wetter in Berlin

Finally, the time has come: After a long, gray winter, spring has arrived in Berlin. On this occasion, live music resounds in the Britzer Garten to mark the opening of the warmer season.

Basking in (hopefully) bright sunshine, visitors can listen to upbeat melodies at the festival stage near the lake. To mark the start of the parks and gardens season, numerous boats and model ships will once again parade across the lake in Britzer Garten while the garden's numerous blossoms and blooming trees spread colorful spring cheer.

At a Glance

Season Opening at Britzer Garten 2025
Not yet known
Britzer Garten (fairground by the lake)
Admission Fee
Not yet known
Opening Hours
2 to 5 pm

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Sangerhauser Weg 1
12349 Berlin

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