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Zeit für Zirkus - Nuit du Cirque

Weihnachtszirkus Roncalli

"Zeit für Zirkus" (Time for Circus) is the nationwide format of the European "Nuit du Cirque". For three days, everything in Berlin revolves around contemporary circus.

The international circus festival "Nuit du Cirque" was launched in 2019. Coordinated by the Berlin-based Forum Neuer Zirkus, various venues throughout Germany are taking part for the first time as part of a separate format. Zeit für Zirkus pursues the goal of presenting contemporary circus to a new audience.

At a Glance

Zeit für Zirkus - Nuit du Cirque 2024
Various venues in Berlin
15 November 2024
17 November 2024
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Different fees depending on the event

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