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Days of Jewish Culture

Berlin Synagogue

In 2024, the Days of Jewish Culture will once again offer a feast for the senses and present modern Jewish culture through music, cinema and literature.

Organized by the city's Jewish Community, this annual festival explores the diversity of Jewish Culture in a colorful program. This year, the festival's artistic direction is taken over by the cultural manager Abraham Toubiana and the Jewish Community's Cultural Director, Sara Nachama.

Each year, the Days of Jewish Culture are dedicated to a different theme. It is expressed through theatrical performances, readings, discussions, exhibitions, church services, and concerts featuring outstanding performers from around the world.

The festival was launched in 1987 as part of the celebrations of the 750th anniversary of the founding of Berlin. Since then the festival became a part of the cultural scene in re-unified Berlin and a cultural must for the Jewish community, Berlin residents and their guests.

Jazz, Soul, Pop, Rock, Literature, Talks and Worship

The Days of Jewish Culture offer an insight into modern Jewish life in all its diversity. With jazz, soul, pop, rock, world music, synagogal music, classical music, comics, literature, lectures, worship and a large festival, the event offers religious and non-religious visitors the opportunity to get to know the Jewish way of life.

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Rykestraße 53
10405 Berlin
Days of Jewish Culture 2024
Synagogue on Rykestraße, Renaissance Theater, Jewish Community Center on Fasanenstraße and other venues
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Synagogue on Rykestraße

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Rykestraße 53
10405 Berlin

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