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Monument to unification: «Citizens in Motion»

  • Freedom and unity monument

    The planned freedom and unity monument in Berlin.

  • Citizens in Motion

    A model of the joint design by choreographer Sasha Waltz and the Stuttgart scenographers Milla & Partner for the freedom and unity monument planned in Berlin.

Johannes Milla and Sasha Waltz had designed a gigantic seesaw for the monument, which can be gently set in motion by the visitors.

In 2007 the Bundestag had decided to build it. The monument with the key sentences «Wir sind ein Volk. Wir sind ein Volk» (We are the people) will be located at the «Schlossfreiheit» between the river Spree and the reconstructed Berliner Stadtschloss on the pedestal of the former Kaiser-Wilhelm monument. On the upper side are the slogans from the time of the fall of the Wall, the lower, gilded side is adorned with pictures from the time of the fall of the Wall in autumn 1989. The seesaw is intended to provide space for several hundred people.

«Citizens in Motion»: Construction of the Unity Monument begins

Construction work began on 19 May 2020, as a spokesperson for the Minister of State for Culture, Monika Grütters (CDU), said. On the pedestal of the former Kaiser Wilhelm National Monument in front of the future Humboldt Forum a huge walk-on scale is to commemorate the peaceful regaining of German unity.

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