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Station Zoologischer Garten

  • Bahnhof Zoo
  • Bahnhof Zoo
  • Bahnhof Zoo

Zoologischer Garten station was the most important traffic junction in the former West Berlin. However, it became known worldwide as a social hotspot.

From 1882, a station for excursions was built on a greenfield site, today's Zoologischer Garten station. It has been rebuilt several times since the 1930s, and in West Berlin's time it served the function of a central station. Today, regional and suburban trains stop at Zoologischer Garten Station in the Charlottenburg district. Long-distance traffic has been shifted to other Berlin stations. It became famous not least through the book and film "Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo" by Christiane F. However, the drug and hustler scene plays only a minor role today.


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