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Measure against violence: Free sports offers at Prinzenbad


View of the Sommerbad Kreuzberg - Prinzenbad.

After minor riots and brawls in Berlin's open-air swimming pools, Education Senator Katharina Günther-Wünsch (CDU) has praised free sports offers for young people in pools as a preventive measure.

"We don't want a ruckus or a shindig in the open-air swimming pools, we'd rather have a foul at a game together than trouble with the police," Günther-Wünsch said on Friday.

Sports programme is well received

In the afternoon, she visited a corresponding project at Prinzenbad in Kreuzberg. Since 18 August, a sports programme has been offered there as part of youth social work and has been well received, according to the Senate Education Department. Every day, instructors supervised streetball, football, beach volleyball and table tennis for children and youths. Mobile sports surfaces were set up for this purpose. The project cost 10,000 euros.

«Sport creates cohesion»

Günther-Wünsch emphasised that the goal is to offer young people activities that are fun as an alternative to frustration and boredom. "As we see in the Prinzenbad, this works well." The offer contributes to a clear relaxation, he said. "The important thing is that no one has to worry about their safety in the outdoor pool and everyone has an enjoyable time there together." Pool director Johannes Kleinsorg emphasised, "Sport creates cohesion and helps with integration. Both are important for preventing escalations in the outdoor pool."

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Publication date: 25 August 2023
Last updated: 25 August 2023

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