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High temperatures and thunderstorms in Berlin and Brandenburg


A flash of lightning illuminates the evening sky above a church tower.

High temperatures and isolated thunderstorms await people in Berlin and Brandenburg over the next few days. According to the German Weather Service (DWD) on Tuesday, there may also be storms with heavy rain.

According to the forecast, the day will start with clear skies, but as the day progresses the cloud cover will thicken and thunderstorms will occur. According to the DWD, heavy rain, hail and gale-force winds cannot be ruled out locally - with maximum temperatures between 27 and 31 degrees. In the second half of the night, local showers and thunderstorms will occur again, with the risk of localised thunderstorms with heavy rain, hail and squalls. The lowest temperature will be around 19 degrees.

Thunderstorm risk on Wednesday

On Wednesday, there will be showers and local thunderstorms, with the potential for severe weather. In the afternoon, the weather will improve, but especially in the east of Brandenburg heavy rain, hail and gale-force winds are possible. Temperatures will rise to between 29 and 32 degrees. During the night clouds will decrease and the chance of showers and thunderstorms will decrease. The lowest temperature will be between 15 and 19 degrees.

Up to 30 degrees on Thursday

Thursday will initially be changeable and sporadically rainy. In the afternoon and evening clouds will increase and local thunderstorms will occur - with highs between 27 and 30 degrees. At night clouds and heavy rain are expected. Temperatures will drop to around 17 degrees.

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Further information: Weather forecast for Berlin
Publication date: 21 June 2023
Last updated: 21 June 2023

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