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Dr. Peter Göttel, founder of Berlin Heals: "The Design Transfer Bonus was a very useful and welcome element in financing our first steps."

Currently, heart insufficiency can be treated but not cured. Using a completely new approach, Berlin-based company Berlin Heals is set to change this. During our conversation, Peter Göttel, founder and managing director of Berlin Heals, explains how the therapy works, why it is efficient from an economic point of view and why the Design Transfer Bonus funding programme came in handy, especially in the company's early days.

Mr Göttel, your company has developed a medical product that will turn conventional treatment methods upside down. Thanks to your new method millions of people who suffer from heart insufficiency can now hope for recovery. Instead of medication or organ transplantations your approach uses weak... read the article »

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First virtual reality association founded in Berlin-Brandenburg

Founded at the end of April and presented to the public at re:publica: The "Virtual Reality e.V. Berlin-Brandenburg" (Virtual Reality Association Berlin-Brandenburg) concentrates the capital's know-how in the areas of virtual reality and augmented reality.

Going by the name of "Virtual Reality e.V. Berlin-Brandenburg", the first virtual reality association has been founded in Potsdam-Babelsberg. At the end of April several initiatives met at the film university to found the association. In early May it was then presented to the public at... read the article »

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