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Sebastian Winkler of shoutr labs: “We are a logical addition to 5G”

Imagine you are in a museum and would like to see a video on your smartphone on the piece of art you are looking at. However, you don’t want to use up all your data volume on a single video. Projekt Zukunft caught up with Sebastian Winkler, managing director and founder of shoutr labs, who explained to us how shoutr labs makes sure that museum visitors can directly watch or hear digital and interactive content on offline exhibits on their smartphones – without their data flatrate being used up.

Mr. Winkler, shoutr.Boxx enables users to quickly transfer large data volumes. Museum visitors, for instance, can use your product to play back supplementary interactive content on their smartphones. What benefits does this offer compared to conventional wireless networks? The main advantage... read the article »

New in Berlin brings own team to Berlin, the platform for short social video clips, is opening an office in Berlin. This step was announced by Verena Papik, European head of, on the blog Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR). For the startup from Shanghai, the Berlin office will be the first company headquarters in Europe.

Users can upload so-called “musicallys” via the platform. In these short videos, so-called “musers” move their lips in sync with famous pop songs or movie quotes. Each day, 14 millions new musicallys, lasting up to 15 seconds apiece, are added. has 200 millions registered users, 49... read the article »

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