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“Berlin offers ideal conditions when it comes to mobility”

With the MotionTag app, users can accurately track which means of transport they have used and when they did so or whether they have travelled on foot. The Berlin-based company has now been chosen as one of the nine best new startups in Europe in the area of “Digital Cities”, not only because of its current app but also because of its corporate vision. Managing Director and co-founder Stephan Leppler tells Projekt Zukunft how MotionTag, based on mobility data, is planning to offer smart and automated ways of payment in the public transport sector.

Mr Leppler, how will we get from A to B in the year 2030? Hopefully in a way that is more efficient, more eco-friendly, more comfortable and more geared towards individual needs. There will certainly be differences between urban areas and rural areas. I expect that the increase in digital... read the article »

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University Startup Factory: New grants for founder teams

Until 18 September, Berlin-based founder teams consisting of two to four members with innovative and technology-based business ideas can apply for a grant provided by the startup workshop “University Startup Factory”. Funded teams will receive a monthly amount of EUR 1,500 for each founder for a period of six months. The startup workshop is a project by Freie Universität, Technische Universität, Charité and Humboldt Universität.

Beside the innovation content of the undertaking, important criteria include a “proof of principle”, for instance a mock-up or a laboratory pattern, as well as the founders’ technical and economic know-how. Those being sponsored must spend a minimum of 60 hours per month at their workplace. The... read the article »

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