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Felix Hallwachs about Little Sun: “Since the sun is shining everywhere around the world, it is of course possible to use it everywhere!”

A solar module, a battery and an LED. The idea to stop the setting sun and thus prolong the day perceptibly as well as the wish to help 1.1 billion people without access to electricity was the initial spark to creating a sun shaped solar lamp. Little Sun was initiated by the Berlin-based artist Olafur Eliasson together with the engineers Frederik Ottesen and Felix Hallwachs and has been sold more than 500,000 times worldwide so far. In our conversation, Felix Hallwachs, the present managing director, tells Projekt Zukunft about his future visions of a world with sustainable energy at an affordable price.

Mr Hallwachs, with the LED solar lamp Little Sun you bring light into regions that have no connection to the power supply system. Meanwhile you have been supporting more than ten African countries with your “little suns”. What is your vision behind that? The idea behind Little Sun is not only... read the article »

New in Berlin provides energy for people and devices

Berlin-based startup is developing a sunshade that converts solar energy into power and thus offers a sustainable side effect and many other benefits as well.

Sunshades usually protect both from heat and the sun’s rays. However, the rays’ energy can be used too. This is what Pascal Mundt from Berlin thought, so he developed a sunshade that converts solar energy into power. With his newly established company, he intends to develop the... read the article »

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