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Guided Tour: Innsbrucker Platz and Eisack Tunnel

Using an iron ladder, you climb into the old shaft of the U4 underground railway line and visit a relic of modern traffic planning.

Today's underground line U4 was subject to changes that are worth a closer look. What is meant above all is the deep cut at Innsbrucker Platz. The construction of a motorway tunnel has left hardly any room for regular line operation on the U4, and certainly not for plans to extend it. The priorities of car-friendly urban redevelopment in the post-war period, which are questionable from today's point of view, become particularly clear here. A subway line currently in planning was integrated into the tunnel building of the A100 urban motorway and at the same time several traffic levels were closely linked.

The programme includes an old subway tunnel dating from 1910, which now has no connection to the existing subway network. Before the Second World War, this single-track tunnel was used as an exit to an operating workshop and during the Second World War it also served as an air-raid shelter for the adjacent residents. Trains were still parked in this tunnel until the 1960s, but then the connection to the underground network was cut off.

Hinweis: Bitte bringen Sie festes Schuhwerk sowie warme und robuste Kleidung mit.

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