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Salvador Allende Bridge reopens after five years

  • Salvador-Allende-Brücke

    Bettina Jarasch, Senator for Urban Mobility, and Oliver Igel, District Mayor of Treptow-Köpenick, attend the opening to traffic of the completed Salvador Allende Bridge in the Treptow-Köpenick district after five years of construction.

  • Salvador-Allende-Brücke

    Women with strollers walk over the new asphalt surface of the bridge.

The Salvador Allende Bridge in Köpenick was reopened to traffic on Monday.

After the opening of the western part in November 2019, the eastern part of the bridge is now also open to traffic again, the Senate Department announced on Monday. In the course of the day, the traffic routing is still to be changed. Pedestrians and cyclists will, however, be diverted via the western part of the bridge until the beginning of December.

Salvador Allende Bridge secures important transport link

The Salvador Allende Bridge over the Müggelspree in Köpenick is one of the most important transport links in the southeast of Berlin. In 2014, the western section was closed and since 2017 it has been demolished for a new building. The new construction cost 37 million euros, the Senate Administration announced. In February 2019, there was a power outage that caused a stir. During construction work, a cable had been damaged; 30,000 households were without power for 31 hours.

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Publication date: 7 November 2022
Last updated: 7 November 2022

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