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"Network of Warmth" launches in Berlin

Katja Kipping

Senator Katja Kipping

For the people of Berlin, numerous additional spaces for warming up, meeting others and exchanging ideas will be open during the cold season.

To this end, a "Network of Warmth" initiated by Senator for Social Services, Katja Kipping (Left Party), will launch on Friday. The initiative involves public institutions such as libraries and neighborhood centers as well as clubs, church congregations, social institutions and intercultural meeting places. Some companies are taking part in the initiative as well.

Contact points for people during the energy crisis

All those involved will open up spaces as a contact point for people who feel overwhelmed or alone during the energy crisis or have a cold apartment. The goal is to offer space for people to take a break and exchange ideas, have a warm drink, and also to receive advice.

Charter of Warmth

The common basis is a so-called Charter of Warmth. It will be signed on Friday in the Rotes Rathaus by more than 20 personalities from politics, religion, social welfare, business, trade and culture. The "Network of Warmth" is part of the 1.6 billion euro Berlin Relief Package to help Berliners get through the winter in view of rising energy and living costs. The Senate is funding the project with eleven million euros.

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Publication date: 4 November 2022
Last updated: 4 November 2022

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