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Senator for Education appoints advisory board for inclusion

Astrid-Sabine Busse

Berlin's Senator for Education Astrid-Sabine Busse

Berlin's Senator for Education Astrid-Sabine Busse has convened an advisory board for inclusion.

The constituent meeting took place on Tuesday, as announced by the Senate Department for Education. Its task is to advise the education administration on questions of inclusion at schools. The chairman of the advisory board is Mario Dobe. According to the education administration, he brings with him a lot of experience from school practice as a teacher, headmaster and school councillor, as well as from the administration as the former head of the specialist group on inclusion.

Inclusion Advisory Council has 23 members

The advisory board has 23 members. Its members include the State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities and representatives of the State Advisory Council for Persons with Disabilities, academia, trade unions, welfare associations and school management associations.

Advisory board advises on issues of inclusion at schools

In addition, there are representatives of the state school advisory board, the state parents' committee, the educational staff, the state pupils' committee and the state youth welfare committee. "In the topic of inclusion, it is important to me to be constructively advised by many people with different competences, experiences and perspectives," said the education senator. "In doing so, I rely on participation and openness in dealing with each other."

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Publication date: 23 June 2022
Last updated: 23 June 2022

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