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Berlin takes in 108 Syrians refugees from Lebanon

Sozialsenatorin Katja Kipping

Berlin's Social Senator Katja Kipping

Berlin has taken in another 108 Syrian refugees from Lebanon.

They arrived in the capital on Wednesday, according to the Senate Department for Integration, Labour and Social Affairs. They include several families in need of major medical assistance and several children with pronounced hearing impairments. The state of Berlin had begun working with the United Nations Refugee Agency last year following a resolution by the House of Representatives. The first 100 Syrian refugees were admitted in December as part of the new humanitarian state reception programme.

Programme for refugees with special needs of protection

The programme is aimed at Syrian refugees with special protection needs who cannot be provided for in Lebanon. According to the social administration, no other country in the world has taken in so many Syrian refugees in proportion to its own population as Lebanon. In addition, the country itself is struggling with a severe supply crisis.

Kipping: "Don't lose sight of different war and crisis regions of the world"

"I am very pleased that we can now offer safety to another 108 Syrian refugees from Lebanon, including many children with a painful history of flight," said Social Senator Katja Kipping (Left Party). "Even though the war in Ukraine and the resulting refugee movements are currently the focus of public attention, it is important to me not to lose sight of the various war and crisis regions in the world.

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Publication date: 23 June 2022
Last updated: 23 June 2022

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