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The Berlin Wall has long since disappeared from reunified Berlin. Memories of it, however, are still very much alive: remains and traces of the former border installations are being preserved for posterity, memorials have been built, and the Berlin Wall Trail allows you to explore the former course of the Berlin Wall on foot or by bike.

The Wall inside the city

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Find out where the Wall once stood and where you can find historical and current Wall-related sites inside the city. More information

Video on the course of the Wall

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Image: Senatskanzlei

Crosses and other commemorative markers were put up as early as 1961 in places where people were shot or died trying to escape over the Wall. More information

Berlin Wall Trail

Fahrradfahrer am Brandenburger Tor
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Along a total of around 160 kilometers, the Berlin Wall Trail traces the course of the former GDR border fortifications encircling West Berlin. In most sections, this hiking and bike trail runs along the former patrol road used by customs officers in West Berlin or along the border control road used by GDR border troops for their own patrols. Sections of historic interest, with traces or remains of the old Wall, alternate with stretches of natural Beauty.