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Buzzing Slovenia: Of Bees and People

The exhibition, held as part of the 2023 Slovenian Cultural Days at the Museum of European Cultures showcases both the traditions of Slovenian beekeeping and new innovations in the fields of urban beekeeping and sustainable design. moreabout: Buzzing Slovenia: Of Bees and People

Quantity and Quality

For many centuries, figurines were made of fired clay in ancient Greece and beyond. Until recently, researchers regarded these clay figures as cheap, mass-produced goods of no great significance because of the material used to make them and their small... moreabout: Quantity and Quality

All Hands On: Basketry

Basketry is a cultural technique that is thousands of years old, practised worldwide, regionally distinctive and still a handicraft in the truest sense of the word. moreabout: All Hands On: Basketry

Zoom on van Eyck

No other painter in the history of European art was able to convey the details of the visible world with the same level of brilliance and precision as the founder of early Netherlandish painting, Jan van Eyck. moreabout: Zoom on van Eyck

Endless Exhibition

More than 15 installations, sculptures and interventions have been set up in and around the Hamburger Bahnhof since it opened as a museum of contemporary art in 1996. moreabout: Endless Exhibition

The Second Glance: Women

“Women” is the second integrated exhibition in the series The Second Glance, and was produced in collaboration with the organisation Frauentreff Olga, a drop-in and counselling centre for drug-using women, trans women, and sex workers. moreabout: The Second Glance: Women

Frans Hals

In 2024, Berlin celebrates one of the greatest portrait painters of all time: Alongside Rembrandt and Vermeer, Frans Hals is one of the most outstanding Dutch painters of the 17th century. moreabout: Frans Hals

Lucy Raven: Ready Mix

The Neue Nationalgalerie is showing Lucy Raven’s 2021 video installation Ready Mix. Through the glass façade of the upper hall, the work enters into a dialogue with the construction site of the Museum der Moderne, which is situated directly beside Mies... moreabout: Lucy Raven: Ready Mix

Back! Stone Age. Bronze Age. Iron Age

On the upper floor, the 'Museum of Prehistory and Early History' takes visitors on a tour through the oldest eras of human history. With its unique collections on the prehistory and ancient history of Europe and near-lying regions of Asia, the museum... moreabout: Back! Stone Age. Bronze Age. Iron Age

Paintings from the 13th to 18th century

The Gemäldegalerie possesses one of the world's finest collections of European art from the 13th to 18th century. After the collection was founded in 1830, it was systematically built up and perfected. The exhibition includes masterpieces by artists from... moreabout: Paintings from the 13th to 18th century

Flashes of Memory

In cooperation with the Kunstbibliothek and the Freundeskreis Yad Vashem e. V., the Israeli Holocaust remembrance centre Yad Vashem is showing its much-admired exhibition Flashes of Memory: moreabout: Flashes of Memory

The Worlds of Rococo

The eighteenth century was the century of porcelain. Princes, aristocrats and the well-to-do bourgeoisie were absolutely addicted to this “white gold”. People would even speak of the maladie de porcelain. Those who couldn’t afford genuine porcelain turned... moreabout: The Worlds of Rococo

RoomArt, Furniture and Decorative Art from the Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo

At Köpenick Palace, reopened in May 2004 after basic restoration works, a new museum concept is devised: under the heading "RoomArt", furniture and decorative art from the Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo periods are jointly presented. Over 500 exhibits... moreabout: RoomArt, Furniture and Decorative Art from the Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo

Life in the Middle Ages

Right at the entrance to the Düppel Museum Village, a completely revised and redesigned exhibition makes life in the Middle Ages comprehensible. Participation stations invite visitors to smell, touch and try things out, and six fictitious inhabitants... moreabout: Life in the Middle Ages

Ancient Worlds. Greeks, Etruscans and Romans

Since 24 February 2011, ancient worlds are opened up for people to explore in a completely new display in the Altes Museum. Now that the Etruscans and Romans on the building's upper floor have already enthralled thousands of visitors since their unveiling... moreabout: Ancient Worlds. Greeks, Etruscans and Romans

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