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The International Festival Ballet and the Festival Orchestra present fabulous Russian ballet art for young and old. A perfect work of art with live orchestral accompaniment.

Der Nussknacker mit dem International Festival Ballet

Der Nussknacker mit dem International Festival Ballet

The art of classical ballet has often been highly praised by critics all over the world. But as the saying goes: "Better seen once than heard a hundred times". Experience the beautiful ballet "The Nutcracker" with the International Festival Ballet and Hungary Festival Orchestra.

Marie takes center stage. She receives a nutcracker as a present from her godfather Drosselmeyer on Christmas Eve. As she goes to sleep, she dreams of a battle between the toy soldiers led by the Nutcracker and the army of the Mouse King. With her help, the Nutcracker is victorious and is then transformed into a prince. The prince travels with Marie to the realm of sweets. The journey takes them through the fir forest to Zuckerburg Castle, where the resident sugar fairy throws a party in honor of her guests. In addition, the magnificent set design by the brilliant theater designer Vjatscheslav Okunev, who has worked for the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg and La Scala in Milan, beautiful costumes and the boundless elegance and carefree lightness of the International Festival Ballet Ensemble ensure a dreamy and fairytale-like version of a classical ballet that continues to fascinate even after more than 100 years.

International Festival Ballet Ensemble dances onArtistic director Alex Bogutsky

St. Petersburg Festival Ballet has had a new name since summer 2022.

Shocked and affected by Russia's inhumane war of aggression against Ukraine, the renowned ballet ensemble changes its name and henceforth calls itself "International Festival Ballet".

Musik: P. I. Tschaikowski
Choreographie: L. Iwanow und M. Petipa
Redaktion A. Bogutsky

Artists/Collaborators: International Festival Ballet

Runtime: Fri, 06/12/2024 to Tue, 28/01/2025

Next date: Nussknacker - International Festival Ballet & Festival Orchestra

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