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Digitization: First public authority now uses fully standardized IT

Laptop und Handy

As part of the state program "OneIT@Berlin," the approximately 700 workstations of the State Office for Refugee Affairs (LAF) were fully converted to uniform hardware and software.

All IT at the three LAF locations will from now on be operated centrally by the Berlin IT Service Center (ITDZ), which will ensure compliance with security and data protection standards. The sites are equipped with LAN, telephony, BerlinPC, printers and laptops.

Standardizing digital processes

Martina Klement, State Secretary for Digitization and Administrative Modernization and Chief Digital Officer of the State of Berlin, praised the IT conversion: "The standardization of the workstations represents a decisive step on which we can base further digital processes much better and at the same time improve IT security."

Ensuring data protection and data security

The basis for the IT conversion is anchored in Berlin's e-government law, which states that all Berlin authorities must place their information and communications technology under the responsibility of the ITDZ. This is part of the state's digitization strategy. By the end of 2026, around 15,000 workstations are to be equipped with uniform technical standards and transferred to the ITDZ's operations. Dr. Ralf Kleindiek, Chief Digital Officer of the State of Berlin and State Secretary for Digital Affairs and Administrative Modernization, emphasized: "There is no way around the centralization of the state administration at the ITDZ Berlin for technical and fiscal reasons, and not least for security reasons. After all, only future-proof digital administrative services form the foundation of a digitalization that ensures access and opportunities for all Berliners on the basis of sustainability, participation and economic-technological development."

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Publication date: 14 July 2023
Last updated: 14 July 2023

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