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More money for projects against discrimination

Flagge der Roma

Projects in the fight against discrimination against Sinti and Roma will be supported by the Berlin Senate with around 720,000 euros this year.

The Senate Department for Justice, Diversity and Anti-Discrimination announced that 275,000 euros more were available than in the previous year. In addition to the Documentation Centre for Antiziganism (Dosta), civil society organisations that implement projects against discrimination against Sinti and Roma will benefit. These include a theatre project and an association for Roma self-organisation, which focuses on cultural and political education.

225 cases of abuse, exclusion or prejudice last year

The fight for equal participation and against discrimination of Sinti and Roma remains an urgent task, it said. The Dosta Reporting Centre documented 225 cases of abuse, exclusion or prejudice last year, 53 per cent more than in 2021. According to the report, refugees who arrived from Ukraine with an actual or assumed Roma background also experienced disadvantages. The hotline has existed since 2014 and has documented a total of 1289 cases since then, according to its own information.

International Roma Day on April 8

Before the International Roma Day this Saturday ( April 8), a corresponding flag was to be hoisted in front of the Berlin Justice Administration on Thursday. The World Roma Congress is then to take place in the capital from 15 to 17 May. This is the second time after 1981 (Göttingen) that Germany will host this meeting, a spokeswoman of the Senate Justice Administration announced. Hundreds of thousands of Sinti and Roma also fell victim to Nazi crimes. According to the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma, 23,000 people from Germany and other European countries were deported to Auschwitz. Even today, many prejudices against the minority still prevailed.

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Publication date: 6 April 2023
Last updated: 6 April 2023

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