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Berlin Senate discusses energy-saving measures

Licht aus in Berlin (3)

The Berlin Cathedral is no longer illuminated. This is to save energy - one of the consequences of the war in Ukraine.

At its meeting today, the Berlin Senate wants to discuss where and how, for example, electricity and gas are to be saved in the administration in the future.

Economics Senator Stephan Schwarz (non-party) presents a catalogue of measures. The goal is to save at least ten per cent energy in the public sector in view of restricted gas supplies from Russia and well increased electricity and gas prices.

Christmas market lighting under review

This was planned by an interdepartmental task force. All administrations were invited to submit proposals. In principle, the red-green-red coalition was unanimous on the issue. There was a need to discuss details, such as the much-discussed question of the extent to which lighting at Berlin's Christmas markets should be restricted.

Corona ordinance to be extended

The Senate also wants to extend the current ordinance to protect the population from infections with the corona virus. It is valid until the weekend and is initially to remain in force for another four weeks.

Discussion on third-country nationals who have fled Ukraine

The Senate also wants to discuss easing residence regulations for refugees from Ukraine without Ukrainian citizenship. These include, for example, people who had stayed in Ukraine to study. The agenda of the senate meeting also includes an exchange on the status of plans for a separate Berlin state institute for teacher training and further education and a report on the sustainability of the state-owned companies.

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Publication date: 16 August 2022
Last updated: 16 August 2022

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