Käthe-Kollwitz-Museum Berlin

Käthe-Kollwitz-Museum Berlin

This small but unique museum is dedicated to the life and work of Berlin’s best-known woman painter – Käthe Kollwitz (1967-1945) - whose work was collected by Berlin gallerist Hans Pels-Leusden.


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Käthe Kollwitz is known above all for her haunting Expressionist character studies and harrowing images of human torment. Living in the midst of poverty and misery with her doctor husband Karl Kollwitz in the working-class district of Prenszlauer Berg she was a close and constant witness to human hardship.

The collection exhibited in this former town residence on the elegant Fasanenstrasse consists of over 200 prints, lithographs, drawings, woodcuts and sculptures. Highlight exhibits include the 1924 poster “Nie Wieder Krieg” (War Never Again), her lithography “Brot” (Bread) from 1924, an anti-hunger statement and a commemorative woodcut dedicated to Karl Liebknecht, a revolutionary socialist assassinated in Berlin in 1919. Her self-portraits (1888 to 1938) are of particular interest as is the woodcut series “War” from 1922-23 and her cycle of eight lithographs entitled “Death”, a theme she was to return to until 1942.

Kollwitz’ haunting subjects included motherhood tinged with suffering ‘Mutter Courage’, caused by tragedy in her own life: the death of her son, Peter, in Flanders in 1914 and her grandson in WWII. Persecuted by the Nazis, she was expelled from her post as Head of the Master Class for Graphic Arts at the Prussian Academy in 1933. From 1936 onwards she was no longer able to exhibit and her work was removed from museums and galleries. As a testament to Kollwitz’ enduring stance as an artist, her self-portraits reveal above all the extraordinary tenacity which made her work timeless.

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Fasanenstr. 25
10719 Berlin
+49 30 8 82 52 10
Opening Hours
Daily 11-18
Admission Fee
7 Euro, red. 4 Euro
Under 18 years entrance free
Guided Tours
by appointment


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