Otobong Nkanga: There's No Such Thing as Solid Ground

Otobong Nkanga: There's No Such Thing as Solid Ground

10 July to 13 December 2020

Drawings, installations and performances: In an exhibition in the Gropiusbau, Otobong Nkanga traces the movement of minerals, goods and people in order to comprehensively explore economic and ecological processes.

Otobong Nkanga - There’s No Such Thing as Solid Ground (2)

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The exhibition «There's No Such Thing as Solid Ground» tells of emotional intelligence, circular time and the visualization of healing. The complex, ever-changing relationship between humans, land and the structures of repair and care is a central theme of Otobong Nkanga's exhibition at Gropius Bau in Berlin. Her work, which deals with global exploitative extraction processes, takes a poetic and at the same time critical look at the reciprocal relationship between humans, flora and fauna and natural resources, especially minerals.

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What: Otobong Nkanga: There's No Such Thing as Solid Ground
When: 10 July to 13 December 2020
Opening hours: Saturday to Wednesday 10 am to 7 pm, Thursday and Friday 10 am to 9 pm, Tuesday closed
Entry: 15 Euro, red. 10 Euro
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