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Fanzone at Reichstag

  • Fußball-EM in Berlin (1)

    Blick in die Arena vom «Future Hub» vor dem Reichstagsgebäude.

  • Fußball-EM in Berlin (2)

    300 Teilnehmer von 24 Schulen vom Straßenfußballprojekt «Kickfair» haben an einem Fußballturnier vor dem Reichstagsgebäude in der «Arena» teilgenommen.

  • Euro 2024: Fanzone Berlin (3)

The meadow in front of the Reichstag will become the festival centre for the European Football Championship 2024, with a varied cultural programme in addition to the broadcast of all European Championship matches.

The fan zone at Platz der Republik will be open continuously from 14 June to 14 July. Unlike the zone at the Brandenburg Gate, all 51 European Championship matches will be broadcast here. The programme will be complemented by DJ sets, live music, workshops and more. In addition, the temporary stadium "Home of Adidas Football Stadium" will be set up again.

«Home of Adidas Football»: Football fun on five screens

Football galore: the fan zone at the Reichstag attracts visitors with five screens on which the matches can be watched. Two of them are located in the wooden mini-stadium "Home of Adidas Football". Up to 3000 people can be admitted there. In the middle of the stadium there is a small football pitch made of artificial turf, where up to 10 people can play.

Entrances and security checks

A maximum of 10,000 people can stay in the fan zone. During high-profile matches, spectators must expect waiting times: as soon as the maximum capacity is reached, the "one in, one out" principle applies.

Bringing alcoholic beverages and glass bottles is prohibited for safety reasons. Backpacks and suitcases are also prohibited. Bags must not be larger than DIN A4. Only non-alcoholic drinks in plastic bottles or Tetra Paks up to 0.5 litres may be brought in. Blankets and pillows are also prohibited. There will be bag checks in the entrance areas.

List of all prohibited items »

Fans can access the fan zone via four entrances:

  • Scheidemannstraße corner Heinrich-von-Gagern-Straße
  • Scheidemannstraße corner Platz der Republik
  • Platz der Republik in front of the Reichstag
  • Annemarie-Renger-Straße

At a glance

All matches
UEFA Euro 2024
Fan zone at Platz der Republik
Meadow in front of the Reichstag
14 June 2024
14 July 2024
Opening hours
Daily from 2 pm to midnight
Admission Fee

Wiese vor dem Reichstag

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Platz der Republik
10557 Berlin

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