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Hellersdorf: Residential Areas & Infrastructure


Prefabricated apartment buildings, single-family houses and good transport connections characterize the district of Hellersdorf.

Residential Areas

The Hellersdorf neighborhood, which gave the district its name, is determined by a large housing estate of prefabricated concrete high-rises. Almost all buildings have been thoroughly modernised and the area around them has been landscaped. In Kaulsdorf and Mahlsdorf, single-family homes with well-kept gardens dominate. In recent years there has been a big building boom in the district and many young families moved here. Hellersdorf is considered a family-friendly and quiet area with a suburban atmosphere.


Hellersdorf is located in the east of Berlin, bordering Brandenburg in the far east and north of the district.

Public Transport

Hellersdorf features good connections to public transport considering its suburban location. An light rail S-Bahn line (S5 to Strausberg Nord) and a subway line (U5 to Hönow) serve the district. There are also buses and trams.

Traffic Axes

The main roads in Hellersdorf are Hellersdorfer Straße/Alte Hellersdorfer Straße, Riesaer Straße/Stendaler Straße, Hönower Straße/Hultschiner Damm, Louis-Lewin-Straße, Landsberger Chaussee/Berliner Straße Alt-Kaulsdorf/Alt-Mahlsdorf and Chemnitzer Straße/Kaulsdorfer Straße.

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Portrait of Hellersdorf