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Weihnachtsmarkt_Berlin © dpa


The most popular Christmas Markets in Berlin. more Image: © dpa

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Berlin's Top Events: Concerts, Theatre, Festivals and more. more Image: © Kai Bienert

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Discover Art and History in Berlin's Top Museums! more Image: © dpa

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Berlin's most famous attractions more Image: © dpa

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You only see what you know- or what a guide shows you. Search, find and book a guided tour in Berlin. more Image: © dpa

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Malls, Shopping Center, Department Stores: Where to shop in Berlin more Image: © dpa

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Who is governing Berlin? How is the German capital politically structured? more Image: © dpa

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New Years Eve

Prepare yourself for the biggest NYE parties Berlin has to offer. more

Politics & Administration

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Klaus Wowereit is the city’s mayor and the federal state’s premier. The Senate Chancellery is his supporting administrative team. more


Modern infrastructure, a highly qualified workforce and excellent universities and research institutions make Berlin a competitive business location. more

The Berlin Wall

Berlin_Wall © dpa

Guide & Information

History of the Berlin Wall, where to find its remains today, information about the official Wall Memorial sites and more

Information brochure

Came here to stay? If you’ve just moved to Berlin, this is the information package you need. In this brochure you will find information on housing, working, child care and more. Get your free PDF download. more

Berlin Information

Hinterm Horizont

Hinterm Horizont

A brilliant show, great theatre coupled with impressive historical video projections and a rock concert that packs a punch. more