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River Cruises

Relax and enjoy: A boat trip on the Spree river shows the capital from a different perspective. more Image: © Antje Kraschinski

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Relax and enjoy autumn in Berlin's parks and gardens. more Image: © dpa

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See art and history in Berlin's Top Museums! more

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Events & Festivals

The One Grand Show (Externer Link)

Berlin's biggest show (Externer Link)

The One Grand Show: Pure glamour with costumes by Jean Paul Gautier and more than 100 artists on the biggest theatre stage in the world. more (Externer Link)

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Attractions & Sights

German Spy Museum (Externer Link)

German Spy Museum (Externer Link)

A thrilling journey into the fascinating world of spies: Decipher secret codes, find your way through the laser game, see unique gadgets! more (Externer Link)

Shopping in Berlin

DDR Museum Trabi (Externer Link)

DDR Museum - Berlin's interactive museum (Externer Link)

Experience the history of everyday life in the GDR. As one of the most interactive museums in the world, it's a must-see in Berlin! more (Externer Link)