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Departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union (Brexit)

Brexit - puzzle pieces with the flags of Great Britain and the European Union
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Update on 16.08.2021

In order to stay in Germany in future, UK nationals will require either a residence title or another document proving their right of residence in Germany. UK nationals already living in Germany are required to notify their local Foreigners Authority of their residence. They will then receive a residence document for UK nationals (Aufenthaltsdokument-GB).

For this reason, UK nationals from Berlin could register until 15 August 2021 online.
If you have not registered online, please contact unit E 5 by email to apply for a residence document and attach the completed form Angaben zur Ausstellung eines Aufenthaltsdokument-GB to your email.

You can find further useful information about this in our FAQs.

Who is a beneficiary of the Withdrawal Agreement between the EU and the UK?

Are you a UK national or a family member of a UK national and already living in Germany in accordance with EU law or did you move to Germany by 31.12.2020?
If so, then you have a right of residence here conferred by EU law.

What do you need to bear in mind?

If you are a beneficiary under the Withdrawal Agreement and want to continue to live in Berlin, you need to notify your residence.

  • UK nationals who fail to register by then should expect that their GB residence document cannot be prioritised and therefore won’t be issued before the end of 2021.

What happens next?

If you have registered online, you will be invited to an appointment at Berlin Immigration Office (LEA) from 01.01.2021 onwards. Once you have supplied all the necessary documentation, we will order your residence document (Aufenthaltsdokument-GB) from the Federal Printers and send it to you by post.

Despite the corona pandamic we started to invite and serve registered british citizens. We will invite all UK nationals, their relatives and other close family members to an appointment by email in the course of 2021.

In the meantime we kindly ask for your patience! Your residence is lawful once you have registered online.

  • Important: Please regularly check your emails, including your junk folder, for an invitation to an appointment at Berlin Immigration Office.
  • Please print the invitation and bring it to your appointment.

Any further questions?

  • Please do take a look at our FAQs, since these cover all the basic questions.
  • Should you require further assistance you can also contact our consultation service.