20 Green Walks in Berlin

Teltow Canal Walk
Teltow Canal Walk
Image: SenUVK

20 Green Walks in Berlin offer a diverse range of relaxing walks and hikes, green short-cuts for shoppers or daily routes for parents with baby buggies, fitness trails for joggers or longer excursions to explore the city and its environs – and most are set well away from road traffic. The 20 Green Walks in Berlin network uses Berlin’s green corridors to link neighbouring city districts and the nearest recreational areas.

The basis of the 20 Green Walks in Berlin is the open space system of the landscape pro-gramme including the species protection programme for Berlin. One aim is, to connect resi-dential areas with diverse, attractive recreational areas of Berlin and Brandenburg.

The names of the 20 Green Walks in Berlin are taken from the particular Berlin landscapes or the walks’ destinations. The individual walks are not only named, but also numbered from 1 to 20. These numbers identify the routes on the waymarkers and maps.

The tagged routes comprising the 20 Green Walks in Berlin network stretch around 575 km. In some sections improvements in routing would be preferable, but partly due to existing uses or ownership these cannot be realized in a timely manner. More than 95% of the routes are al-ready on their ideal route. We are currently working on improving the markings.

Gallery of 20 Green Walks in Berlin

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