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Tests for Naturalisation at the Volkshochschule Neukölln

Image: © Klaus W. Eisenlohr

We believe that, in the long run, for a harmonious, equitable coexistence in our democracy, a full participation in society and the right to vote is needed. For this reason, Berlin promotes the acquisition of the German citizenship.
Information on the naturalisation tests with the Volkshochschule establishments in Berlin can be found under the following link .

Language Test for Naturalisation

Image: © Klaus W. Eisenlohr

You must prove a German language proficiency to apply for the German naturalization. If you are not in possession of the necessary language proof, you have to take a language test for naturalisation with the VHS.

Advice and Registration:

You cannot enrol for the language test on your own. The Naturalisation Office will refer you to us. You will receive an invitation from the VHS to attend the language test.
Further information on the language test for naturalisation can be found hier.

Naturalisation Test

Image: © Klaus W. Eisenlohr

This test, consisting of 33 questions about the German legal and social system, is mandatory for the completion of an application for the German naturalisation.

Advice and registration

You must register in person. Please bring an identity card with you.

Consultations are available by appointment only.

Please call 030) 90239-2433 to make an appointment Monday to Thursday between 10am to 2pm or contact us via E-Mail..

Dates for naturalisation test