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Integration Courses (according to § 43 of the Reference Act)

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Consultations for German courses are available by appointment only.

Please call (030) 90239-3388 to make an appointment. Our advisors remain at your disposal for enquiries from Monday to Thursday between 9.30am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm or via E-Mail..

All appointments must be scheduled upfront. Your health and the health of our employees are always our top priority.
Due to current regulations people without a scheduled appointment will not be allowed into the premises.

General Integration Courses

Link to: General Integration Courses
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An early start in learning of language and values is particularly important for a successful integration. These are effectively taught in the integration course. More information

Integration Courses for Women

Link to: Integration Courses for Women
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These courses are aimed at women who want to help their children with their homework, cope with authorities and institutions in Germany and support the family in the process. More information

Literacy Integration Courses

Link to: Literacy Integration Courses
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Not only in the German population, but also among immigrants, some people cannot read and write sufficiently. These courses are meant to help them overcome the additional obstacles. More information

Integration Courses for People Learning an Additional Alphabet

Link to: Integration Courses for People Learning an Additional Alphabet
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These courses are aimed at people who have learned to read and write in a non-Roman alphabet. These courses will focus first on the leaning of the Roman alphabet, to then learn the German language. More information