Information concerning coronavirus vaccination

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Vaccinations are the best way to protect yourself and others from infectious diseases. They also make a significant contribution to the containment of pandemics. Since December 2020, Berliners can be vaccinated against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. The vaccinations are free of charge for citizens, regardless of their health insurance status. There is no obligation to be vaccinated – vaccination against the coronavirus is voluntary.

With the development and approval of various vaccines against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, numerous misleading and false claims about vaccination have been circulated. The fact check of the federal government provides information and clarifies the situation.

Eligilbilty and documents required for vaccination

Every person who is insured in Germany in a statutory or private health insurance scheme is entitled to be vaccinated. The same applies to persons who have their domicile or usual place of residence in Germany or are employed in Germany.

The following documents must be brought to the vaccination:

  • Proof of identity
    • Identity card, passport or residence permit
    • In the case of the vaccination of minors who do not have their own identity card, please bring an official document that allows identification of the child (e.g. birth certificate, registration certificate or child identity card)
    • The vaccination centers also offer vaccinations to persons who, for example, do not have health insurance or a valid residence permit. An official identification document is not required for vaccination, but is a mandatory prerequisite for the creation of a digital vaccination certificate.
  • Signed information sheet (also available on site)
  • Completed medical history form (also available on site)
  • Signed consent form (also available on site)
  • Vaccination certificate (if available)
  • In the case of the vaccination: Declaration of consent of the legal guardian. Children under 16 must also be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Further information on required documents will be provided on the Berlin Service Portal.

Vaccinations with and without appointment

All of the vaccination offers listed are available as a first, a second or a booster vaccination.

Vaccinations in vaccination centers

Walk-in vaccinations are offered at the Berlin vaccination centers Messe and Tegel every day from 9 am to 5 pm. Those wishing to be vaccinated can still make an appointment at one of Berlin’s vaccination centers online or by calling the hotline at 030/9028-2200.

Procedure of the vaccination in the vaccination centers

No rapid test for coronavirus is performed at the vaccination center. However, your body temperature may be measured. Persons with a raised temperature are not allowed to enter the vaccination center and must make a new appointment. Accompanying persons must always wait outside the building. This does not apply to those accompanying minors under the age of 16 being vaccinated.

Vaccination against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus consists of one or two vaccinations, depending on the vaccine used. The second vaccination is given after three weeks. Both appointments are already scheduled when the appointment is made. One vaccination appointment generally lasts up to one hour.

Before the actual vaccination, vaccinees have the opportunity to ask questions. The vaccine is then administered intramuscularly – usually by injection into the upper arm.

Vaccinated persons should allow for a 15-minute follow-up period in the vaccination center. A separate room with seating is available for this purpose.

Vaccinations at doctors’ offices and company doctors

Those wanting to get vaccinated who prefer to be vaccinated by general practitioners, specialist doctors or company doctors should contact these directly. Where appropriate, the doctors also proactively inform their patients about vaccination.

The Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Berlin) has published a list of practices that offer vaccinations to persons who are not their regular patients.

Booster vaccinations

All persons whose second vaccination was given at least six months ago can receive a free booster vaccination from general practitioners and company doctors. This is possible in the federal vaccination centers and vaccination sites at least five months after the complete vaccination. Mobile vaccination teams also offer booster vaccinations to vulnerable groups who are in residential care homes, inpatient care facilities, retirement homes and day care centers.

After vaccination: compliance with the Corona measures

The general coronavirus containment measures continue to apply to vaccinated persons until complete immunization. All rules – such as the wearing of a mask – and restrictions – such as the quarantine obligation when entering the country from abroad – still apply to vaccinated persons. Persons are considered fully vaccinated from the 15th day after the final vaccination. Some obligations or restrictions no longer apply from this point.