Day Care Centers

Children are playing together with pre school teacher

Many children are looked after in day care centers (KiTa for short) or a nursery in Germany. Children learn and play together in the KiTa. Children make new friends this way and learn German. As a result, they will be better prepared for going to school. Even if you are training, working or studying and have children, your children will be looked after by experts trained to teach children from infancy to school age in the KiTa. Your child will receive excellent care and support in the KiTa from teachers who have been specially trained for this.

How can I register my child at a KiTa oder nursery?

As of 1st January 2018, children have the right to part-time care (5-7 hours daily) from their first birthday in a KiTa or nursery.
KiTas in Berlin can be found on the KiTa database on the website for the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Families.

If you are a refugee and would like to register your child for a KitTa place, please contact a social worker from the home management team in your accommodation to receive further information.

In each district of Berlin, there are several family centres at day nurseries (KiTas). They offer families comprehensive education and leisure opportunities as well as opportunities for consultation and support. There are numerous open meets, where you can simply come by without registering and talk with other parents. At the centre though, you enjoy a relaxed time together with your child. Especially popular are breakfast events – sometimes for everyone, sometimes in particularly for single parents or parents with multiple children, sometimes with and sometimes without specified topics for discussion, but always very inspiring.
The locations of family centres can be found here

How much does a KiTa place cost?

The care in a KiTa or a nursery is free for all children. You only need to pay a monthly fee of €23 for lunch. As of 01/08/2018, KiTa will be free for everyone. You must only continue to pay for food. Further information can be found on the website for the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Families. You can also find out information on the KiTa voucher.
In addition you can also find information in the parents supplementary letter additional payment on the KiTa voucher and additional payments.

What is a language ability test? (language development)

All children who must attend school in the next school year must take part in a pre-school language ability test. This is intended to recognize any need for language development that will properly prepare children for school. You will be invited in writing by your school authority to test your child’s language ability. Participation in the language ability test is mandatory. It will be carried out by a language assessment team in your district.