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Which leisure opportunities are available?

Berlin offers many different leisure opportunities for all interests.


Particularly in the warmer months, Berlin likes to be outdoors. Anyone looking to cool off in the summer can visit one of the many swimming lakes or an outdoor pool.
Playgrounds offer plenty of variety for children and adults. A list of the playgrounds in Berlin with their different attractions can be found at The parks and gardens of Berlin offer time out from the city. To experience the animal world, Berlin has several zoos and animal parks in the different districts.

Sport and clubs

In Berlin there are many sports clubs where regular training is held and competitions take place. You can find your sports club on the service portal of the city of Berlin. There are also so-called sports pools, where the focus is on sports swimming. Many playgrounds have table tennis, basketball or football facilities. What you will find in which playground can be seen on the playground search.

If you enjoy watching sports, Berlin has a wide range of top-notch teams in many different sports, such as football, handball, volleyball, basketball, ice hockey and athletics.


There are many opportunities for volunteering in Berlin. On the active citizen involvement portal you will find further information, institutions and offers. In the volunteering atlas you can find institutions on an interactive map that are looking for committed citizens. The map can be filtered by various criteria such as target group, activity, feature, application area and district. In the volunteering search are over 2300 offers that you can search. The volunteer database is a register of volunteers who want to get involved. If you register here, organisations themselves can offer you a suitable position. Your entries and personal information can be read only by registered organisations and institutions.

If you are active in an organisation, you can also register your organisation here and look for helpers.

Cultural amenities

The broad cultural provision makes Berlin a city in which there is always something on offer.
The service portal of the city of Berlin has compiled a list of all the cultural sites, including sorted by district.

The many amenities include

These offer access to knowledge and entertainment and they are the most-visited cultural facilities of the city.

  • Opera foundation in Berlin
    The foundation is home to Deutsche Oper Berlin (German opera in Berlin), Unter den Linden state opera, the comic opera and Berlin state ballet, which performs in the opera houses
  • Orchestras
    The state of Berlin currently supports seven large orchestras
  • Houses of literature
    Houses of literature offer space for literary encounters, readings, festivals and meetings of creative minds.
  • Interdisciplinary facilities
    These institutions combine various cultural areas or work outside the classic categories. For example, Kulturprojekt GmbH organizes events such as the “Long Night of Museums”.
  • Museums and visual art institutions
    Every museum is absolutely unique in its size, configuration and focus. From large world-class museums such the Pergamon Museum to the small museum of local history, Berlin offers something for everyone.
  • Memorials and remembrance sites
    The eventful history of Berlin is recounted in many languages at memorials and remembrance sites. At many historical sites are reports from the crimes of the National Socialist terror regime to the SED dictatorship, the GDR and the fall of the Berlin wall.

Berlin District Centres

District centres are open for everyone, independent of your political orientation and denomination. They coordinate activities in the neighbourhood and promote voluntary and civil engagement as well as social welfare. With these activities, the district centres connect people in the neighbourhood and as a result, create local communities. Neighbourhood and district centres are independent and non-profit organisations. They offer many activities – for example, creativity courses, sport groups, exchange meetings, social consultation, family activities and district festivals. District centres allow people of different generations, cultures and social backgrounds to come together to learn and experience more from one another and to help each other. They also offer a variety of opportunities, to become involved voluntarily.
Berlin District Centres stand for participation, inclusion, cross-generational work and participation from all neighbours in the area.

More information here or a video here(link to YouTube)”:

An eye on leisure and culture!

The Berlin Family Pass is a Berlin programme for mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. Regardless of income, all families with children up to the age of 17 can discover exciting and interesting opportunities in Berlin and experience them together.
There are roughly 300 and over 200 free events, excursions and workshops to be discovered and enjoyed. From sporting events to museums to concerts, there is everything.
The Super Holiday Pass has over 100 exciting holiday offers for all children and youths up to the age of 18 in Berlin!
It offers the opportunity to take part in over 180 prize draws to win excursions, day trips, taster sessions and workshops.
With the “Berliner Bäder-Betriebe” (BBB) baths pass, you can use the baths of the organisation for free on all holiday days.
Further information can be found on the here.

Young in Berlin: active – colourful – diverse

In over 400 child and youth recreational facilities, in youth associations, youth education institutions and in many other offers of youth work, you can meet people, have fun, organise activities yourself and discover something new.
“Child and Youth Recreational Facilities in Berlin: What is happening where?(link to website)”:

Berlin youth portal Jup!

jup! Berlin is a portal for information and involvement for youths in Berlin – here, young people can find information, get their bearings, create their own content, display their interests, voice their opinion, find like-minded people and find help and support for their ideas and problems.