Rainbowcity Berlin

two couples of the same gender (under a big umbrella)

Berlin is a rainbow city, committed to open-mindedness, acceptance and mutual respect. The rainbow has become a global symbol of freedom and equal rights for homosexual and transgender people.

People living in Berlin have various sexual orientations and gender identities. For over 25 years, Berlin has pursued an active policy for the interests of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people. As such, Berlin is an attractive city offering many amenities for LGBTI people. For homosexual, bisexual, transgender and intersex refugees, there are also special counselling and support provisions. Find out!

Did you know, in Germany…

  • Discrimination is permitted against no-one on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity – either in the workplace or in the search for a job or accommodation?
  • Since 2001, two women or two men have been able to enter into a so-called “registered civil partnership”?
  • Same-sex partnerships are equal to marriage in a number of places?
  • There are many gay and lesbian couples with children? They are called rainbow families.
  • Persecution on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity may be a reason for asylum?
  • Transgender people can officially change their forename and gender on the identity card?

Who can help in the event of discrimination or violence?

Although same-sex love is increasingly accepted, people living as homosexuals may be subject to violence or discrimination even in Berlin. The same also applies for transgender and intersex people.

If you experience violence or discrimination because you as a woman love another woman or because you as a man love another man, you can obtain counselling and help. In the same way, help is available for transgender and intersex people in the event of violence or discrimination.

In Berlin there is a good network of counselling services. These counselling services will support you and discuss with you what is best for you to do if you have experienced discrimination or violence. Every step is agreed with you and all information is treated as confidential. Consultations are free of charge.

As well as these counselling services, the Berlin police and the Berlin public prosecution service also have their own LGBTI contacts who work closely with LGBTI organisations and are able to support you.

A handout on care and support for LGBTTI* refugees can be found in the PDF.