Important information: Coronavirus in Berlin

  • Due to the pandemic, there will be no counseling on site until further notice.
  • Consultation by e-mail and telephone will continue to take place.
Information about the coronavirus

Everyday Life

Everyday life situation in Berlin Park


Local public transport in Berlin consists of many routes and modes of transport. Below, you will find information about the S-Bahn (urban railway), the U-Bahn (underground railway, buses and bus routes, trams and Metrotram and other. More information

News and Media

Freedom of the press is enshrined in article 5 of the German constitution. It guarantees everyone who works as a journalist the right to free distribution of news and opinions as well as independence in reporting. More information


Healthcare is a right for all. There are medical practices and hospitals. Some practices treat only private patients, i.e. people with private health insurance. Normally, appointments are assigned, generally by telephone. More information

People with Disabilities

Refugees with disabilities are eligible for the aid and treatments (e.g. physiotherapy) that they need. The central point of contact for advice for people with disabilities is Berliner Zentrum für Selbstbestimmtes Leben e. V. (BZSL e. V.). More information

Senior-Focused Issues

A minimum level of care is paid for by the care insurance. Like the health insurance, this is divided into private and statutory. Basically, everyone with statutory health insurance also has care insurance through the health insurance company. More information

Spare time

Berlin offers many different leisure opportunities for all interests. More information

Religion and Ideology

Every person has the right to choose a religion or ideology – no religion or ideology is above the law of the state. Every person has the right to believe what she or he considers right. More information

Rainbowcity Berlin

Berlin is a rainbow city, committed to open-mindedness, acceptance and mutual respect. The rainbow has become a global symbol of freedom and equal rights for homosexual and transgender people. More information

Help and Opportunities for Women

According to the constitution in Germany all people are equal before the law. Men and women have equal rights and nobody may be disadvantaged on the grounds of gender. The same rights must also be enforced in society. More information

Protection from Discrimination

Berlin is a metropolis that is characterised by the diversity of its citizens. Open-mindedness, tolerance and mutual respect are important for coexistence to work well. However, cases of discrimination and racist violence also occur time and again. More information

Help and Support

contacts and phone numbers More information


Anyone who has lived in Germany for a long time and who has a residence or settlement permit can acquire German citizenship under further conditions. In most cases, however, this requires relinquishment of former citizenship. More information

Good to know

What else is there to know about Berlin? More information

Support in Emergency Situations

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