Rules for Living Together

Two neighbours are talking in the garden by the fence

All people have the same basic dignity and receive basic and human rights – the state has the obligation to ensure these rights.
Every person has dignity and human rights. This applies to all people because they are human beings – no matter what their gender is, if they are young or old, religious or not religious, if they are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or believe in another religion or ideology, and no matter where they come from or if they are rich or poor. In Germany, the state has the duty of acknowledging and protecting the dignity and rights of all people.

All people are different, but they are equal as human beings. Discrimination is prohibited.
All people are equal before the law. Men and women have the same rights and freedoms. No one may be disadvantaged because of their gender, “skin colour” (appearance), background or origin, religion or ideology, sexual identity or due to a handicap. All people must treat each other free of violence and with respect.

The basic law of the federal Republic of Germany, the German Constitution is available from the German Parliament for you to read.