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Registration Requirements

Several people register in Berlin.

What is the registration requirement?

Within two weeks of moving into an apartment you need to register yourself with a district office. This also applies to moving within Berlin. As a tourist, you do not need to register yourself.

Refugees are registered within the scope of the asylum process.
There is no registration requirement for you in this case.

How do I register myself in Berlin?

If you have found an apartment, then you can register with one of the 40 Berlin administrative offices for citizens. You must appear there in person. Registration by mail is not possible In order to avoid long waiting times, we recommend setting up an appointment online or by telephone (by calling the administration telephone number 115) with a district office near you. In order to register successfully, the following documents must be brought with you to the civic office:

  • personal identification or a passport
  • a registration form
  • a rental agreement
  • confirmation that you have moved in from the Landlord
  • children’s identification documents or birth certificates of children also moving in
  • marriage certificates as required