Refugees arrive in Berlin


As a citizen of an EU member state, you do not require a visa to enter Germany. People who do not come from the EU require an entry visa to enter Germany. Entry

Registration Requirements

Within two weeks of moving into an apartment you need to register yourself with a district office. This also applies to moving within Berlin. As a tourist, you do not need to register yourself. Registration Requirements

Compulsory Schooling

In Germany, every child is obligated to go to school after their sixth birthday. Compulsory schooling is obligatory for ten years. A release from this obligation is essentially impossible. Compulsory Schooling

Residency Rights

If you are a citizen of the EU and would like to move to Berlin, you do not require a residency permit. You only need to possess a valid personal identification card. Residency Rights

Asylum Process

To submit an asylum application you need to reside in Germany. An asylum application cannot be submitted to a foreign representative of the Federal Republic of Germany. You need to submit this application personally. Asylum Process

Health Insurance

Health insurance is for your own protection and is a requirement for all people in Germany. The insurance covers the costs of medical treatment. The option is available to select between legal and private health insurance. Health Insurance

Opening a Bank Account

A bank account in Germany is necessary for paying rent and receiving a salary and public services. Since June 2016, German banks are legally obligated to set up a basic bank account for anyone. Opening a Bank Account

Rules for Living Together

All people have the same basic dignity and receive basic and human rights – the state has the obligation to ensure these rights. Every person has dignity and human rights. Rules for Living Together