Water Conservation Districts and Groundwater Use 1990

Figures / Tables


Fig. 1: Principles of Groundwater Production

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Fig. 2: Groundwater Withdrawal Amounts in Berlin According to Use in 1989 (including Stolpe waterworks)

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Fig. 3: Example for Definition of a Water Protection Area According to the Isochron Concept

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Fig. 4: Groundwater Withdrawal Amounts of the Berlin Public Water Companies 1960-1990

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Fig. 5: Groundwater Withdrawal Amounts According to Use in West Berlin from 1963-1990

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Fig. 6: Origin and Use of Water from Public Drinking Water Supplies in Berlin 1989/90 in million m3 per year

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Tab. 1: Waterworks of the Berlin Public Water Companies and Statutory Framework for Water Conservation Districts

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Tab. 2: Groundwater Withdrawals 1913 and 1990 or 1989

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