Groundwater Levels 2002

Figures / Tables


Fig. 1: Phenomenology of Underground Water

GIF-Document (42.0 kB) Image: from Hölting 1996

Fig. 2: Hydrogeological Terms

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Fig. 3: Infiltration: a) Effluent condition, b) Influent condition

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Fig. 4: Geological Outline Map of Berlin

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Fig. 5: Hydrogeological Cross-Section of Berlin

GIF-Document (22.6 kB) Image: from Limberg, 2001

Fig. 6: Hydrographic Curve of Groundwater Levels at a Measurement Point in the Borough of Mitte, from 1870 to the Present

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Fig. 7: Drop in Raw-Water Discharge by the Berlin Water Utility during the Past 14 Years

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Fig. 8: Groundwater Rise in the Glacial Spillway between 1989 and 2002.

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