Expected Highest Groundwater Level (EHGL) 2018

Figures / Tables


Fig. 1: Groundwater hydrographs from three measuring points in the glacial valley: The highest groundwater level (HGL) was measured at different times: MP 137: 1975, MP 5476: 2002 and MP 8979: 2011

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Fig. 2: Area of validity of the EHGL map for the glacial valley, the Panke valley, as well as the Teltow Plateau and the Nauen Plate

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Fig. 3: Area of the groundwater flow model for developing the EHGL map for the Berlin glacial valley

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Fig. 4: Location of the groundwater measuring points used for the plausibility test of the EHGL map

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Fig. 5: Example of a hydrograph from the Panke valley with HGL, EHGL and increment

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Fig. 6: Section of the numerical groundwater flow model for the State of Berlin

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