Traffic Noise / Railway Noise 2004

Figures / Tables


Fig. 1: Volume of Certain Noise Sources and their Possible Effects

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Tab. 1: Limits under the 16th Federal Immission Protection Ordinance (BImSchV) (Traffic Noise Control Regulation)

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Tab. 2: Overall Limits for Traffic Noise Control on Federal Highways Subject to Federal Maintenance

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Tab. 3: Daytime and Nighttime Noise Immissions (assessment level) in the primary road network, per km of built-up roadway (* = including construction sites, tunnel routes and roadside building presence of less than 10%).

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Tab. 4: Potential persons affected in the buildings on streets of the primary road network

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Tab. 5: Noise Immissions, (evaluation levels), Daytime and Nighttime on Abve-Ground Rail Lines, per Km of Built-Up Route Section Side

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Tab. 6: Potential Number of Persons Affected in the Buildings along the Primary Track Network

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